Team Project 2020

Website project for Gathenhielmska Huset in Majorna, Gothenburg. Team consisted of me & Ida Linell as designers and Victor Ljungblad & Terese Thulin as developers. The client requested a simple and understandable platform to view their different type of events, news and galleries. This was our first all-online project in a post-covid world and we all learned a lot about webcam meetings.

Gathenhielmska Huset is an old building with a long history. It was once given to a warrior of the king as a token of gratitude, but is now used as a creative venue for modern dancers, musicians, actors and many others. This history is something that we wanted to emphasize in our design, and we did that by integrating elements from the house itself.

The website starts of with a sketched picture of the legendary house to set the mood. We then added details such as leaves from the iconic wall paintings in the some of the menus to keep the vibe going troughout the site, while keeping the areas who should be clean and readable, clean and readable. Even the logo is inspired by the stucco above the main entrence, now modified to work also in the digital era, keeping Gathenhielmska going for many more years to come.

Working on distance was a new challenge during this project. With everyone quickly having to adapt to the new ways of the world, things got a bit confusing at first. Working on a brief from a client you haven't met, with people you never seen in real life, wasn't exactly what I imagined going to school was going to be like. It has somehow worked out quite fine though, and I can almost say it works as good on distance as in person. Turns out, the distance between us isn't that far, after all.