Finalist Contribution Sammanslaget 2020
Contribution for design/advertising competition Sammanslaget by Yrgo. Monday morning we were paired with 5 random collegues and given a brief, and by thursday afternoon we submitted our idea. Team consisted by a variety of talents, were my mission became the visual design and concept. This project was all-online and we used tools such as Google Meet, Miro and Figma to collaborate during the idea and production states.
halvsida socialmedia
Published Contribution 48H 2019
Contribution for design/advertising competition 48h. By wednesday morning we were paired with 2 random collegues from all over Sweden and given a brief. By friday afternoon we submitted our idea. The subject of sex-trafficking was not an easy problem, and it made for a very intresting half-week. We did not win any awards in the design contest, however, the client chose our design to publish in Dagens-Nyheter, Göteborgs-posten, ETC and a few other newspapers during spring 2020.
speed island
Personal Project 2020 -
Downhill Skateboarding has always been a big part of my life. As a kid I put everything I had into the sport, spending every day after school on some hill, saving up money for wheels and binge-watching youtube videos of the pros. I got raised by racing skateboards, and I would not be the person I am today without that community. The Swedish downhill skateboard scene have historically been very solid with a good reputation among international racers, but has in the later years slowly faded away. There are now just a few people skateboarding down hills on a high level. Our mission is to keep the Swedish scene alive, or at least showcase what it's all about, there are more to skateboarding than kickflips and grinds. Downhill skateboarding is beautiful to watch when done right, and me and my friends wants everyone to know.